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Everything Relative 1996

Overview: Old college chums get together for a weekend reunion that is bound to open old wounds and perhaps heal them. New romances find a spark while old ones rekindle.

Genre: Drama

Companies: Big Sister Production

Crew: Cinematography : Zak Othmer,Co-Producer : Zak Othmer,Editor : Meredith Paige,Co-Producer : Meredith Paige,Director : Sharon Pollack,Producer : Sharon Pollack,Writer : Sharon Pollack,Co-Producer : Mark Hibbard,Associate Producer : Patricia Larouzière,Production Manager : Clare Martorana,Co-Producer : Clare Martorana,Executive Producer : Irene Sullivan,Music : Frank London,Casting : Jack Bowdan,Art Direction : Leonard Cossari,Makeup Artist : Kim W. Behrens

Stars: Monica Bell as Victoria,Carol Schneider as Sarah,Ellen McLaughlin as Josie,Gabriella Messina as Gina,Olivia Negron as Maria,Stacey Nelkin as Katie Kessler,Malindi Fickle as Candy,Harvey Fierstein as The Moyle,Andrew McCarthy as Howard


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