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Everything Crazy 2014

Overview: Helena Joubert lost herself somewhere between her Varsity love, the big, crazy wedding, and her two hyperactive kids. She and hubby Gustav exchanged their passionate relationship for a permanent seize-fire. The once uninhibited and vibrant journalist is now just a few fading photographs on the wall. And then, her world is shattered when Gustav apparently starts an affair with the very big investor who just might be the savior of his company – Elzaan Mostert. Enter Helena’s alter ego, the can-do, let’s-make-a-plan, nothing-is-impossible younger version of herself. Alter Ego comes up with the idea of starting a blog called Alles wat Mal is (Everything Crazy), documenting Helena’s hectic life, and her quest to win back Gustav’s affection, and put a spark back into her marriage.

Genre: Comedy

Companies: Karoo Film Company

Crew: Director : Darrell James Roodt,Music : Geo Hoehn,Editor : Byron Davies,Story : Deon Meyer,Writer : Sandra Vaughn,Writer : Corine du Toit,Writer : Hanli Rolfes

Stars: Louw Venter as Gustav Joubert,Erica Wessels as Helena Joubert / Alter Ego,Meme Ditshego as Miriam,Christina Storm as Elzaan Mostert,Jacques Bessenger as Pieter Britz / Prof Hathoorn,Eugene du Toit as Pierre,Keagan Verwey as Gustav Jnr.,Chris de Clerq as Hermann,Elzette Maarschalk as Catherine,Jana Strydom as Esme Steyn,Deon Coetzee as Jan,Richard van der Westhuizen as Andre Joubert,Philicity Reeken as Lerato


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