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Arrival 2016

Genre: Thriller Drama Science Fiction Mystery

Companies: Paramount Pictures 21 Laps Entertainment FilmNation Entertainment Lava Bear Films

Crew: Director : Denis Villeneuve,Short Story : Ted Chiang,Screenplay : Eric Heisserer,Executive Producer : Glen Basner,Executive Producer : Eric Heisserer,Co-Producer : Michael Jackman,Producer : Daniel S. Levine,Producer : Shawn Levy,Producer : David Linde,Producer : Karen Lunder,Executive Producer : Tory Metzger,Executive Producer : Milan Popelka,Producer : Aaron Ryder,Executive Producer : Stan Wlodkowski,Editor : Joe Walker,Casting : Francine Maisler

Stars: Amy Adams as Dr. Louise Banks,Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly,Forest Whitaker as Colonel Weber,Michael Stuhlbarg as Agent Halpern,Tzi Ma as General Shang,Mark O'Brien as Captain Marks,Julia Scarlett Dan as Hannah (12 yrs. old),Abigail Pniowsky as Hannah (8 yrs. old),Jadyn Malone as Hannah (6 yrs. old),Carmela Nozza Guizzo as Hannah (4 yrs. old),Andrew Shaver as Environmental Tech,Shawn Campbell as News Reporter,Larry Day as Deputy Director of the CIA Dan Ryder,Pat Kiely as Environmental Tech,Frank Schorpion as Dr. Kettler,Lucas Chartier-Dessert as Private Lasky


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