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Everything is Illuminated 2005

Tagline: Leave Normal Behind.

Overview: A film based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by American writer Jonathan Safran Foer, in which a young Jewish American man endeavors—with the help of eccentric, distant relatives—to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II, in a Ukrainian village which was ultimately razed by the Nazis.

Genre: Comedy Drama

Companies: Stillking Films Warner Independent Pictures (WIP) Big Beach Films Telegraph Films

Crew: Director : Liev Schreiber,Producer : Kelley Cribben,Producer : Tom Karnowski,Author : Jonathan Safran Foer,Screenplay : Liev Schreiber,Producer : David Minkowski,Producer : Peter Saraf,Executive Producer : Matthew Stillman,Producer : Marc Turtletaub,Original Music Composer : Paul Cantelon,Director of Photography : Matthew Libatique,Editor : Andrew Marcus,Editor : Craig McKay,Art Direction : Martin Vackar,Casting : Avy Kaufman,Assistant Director : Jakub Dvorak

Stars: Elijah Wood as Jonathan Safran Foer,Eugene Hutz as Alex,Boris Leskin as Grandfather,Jana Hrabetova as Jonathan's Grandmother,Jonathan Safran Foer as Leaf Blower,Stephen Samudovsky as Jonathan's Grandfather Safran,Oleksandr Choroshko as Alexander Perchov, Father,Gil Kazimirov as Igor,Zuzana Hodkova as Alex's Mother,Ljubomir Dezera as Young Jonathan,Laryssa Lauret as Lista,Tereza Veselkova as Augustine,Vera Sindelarova as Young Grandfather,Lukas Kral as Young Lista


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