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Boo Boo Runs Wild 1999

Overview: Boo-Boo gets fed up with the rules imposed on bears by humans and decides to return to his “wild” roots.

Genre: TV Movie Animation Comedy

Companies: Cartoon Network Studios Georgia Vineland Productions Spümcø Virtualmagic Animation, Inc. Galaxy World, Inc. Fil Cartoons, Inc. Colorkey Productions Co, Ltd.

Crew: Director : John Kricfalusi,Animation : Anthony Agrusa,Production Supervisor : Miles Horst,Layout : Ed Benedict,Background Designer : Richard Ziehler-Martin,Music : Henry Porch,Sound Editor : Henry Porch,Writer : John Kricfalusi,Storyboard : Vincent Waller,Executive Producer : Kevin Kolde,Producer : John Kricfalusi,Producer : Miles Horst,Producer : Stephen Worth,Production Manager : Kim Radford,Layout : John Kricfalusi,Layout : Albert Lozano

Stars: Corey Burton as Ranger Smith / Moose (voices),Stephen Worth as Yogi Bear (voice),John Kricfalusi as Boo-Boo / Tree (voices),Mary Ellen Thomas as Cindy Bear (voice),Michael Pataki as The Chief (voice)


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