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The Lion King 1994

Genre: Family Animation Drama

Companies: Walt Disney Pictures Walt Disney Feature Animation

Crew: Supervising Animator : Mike Surrey,Director : Roger Allers,Director : Rob Minkoff,Screenplay : Linda Woolverton,Screenplay : Jonathan Roberts,Screenplay : Irene Mecchi,Original Music Composer : Hans Zimmer,Editor : Ivan Bilancio,Animation Supervisor : Andreas Deja,Animation Supervisor : Anthony DeRosa,Animation : Tim Allen,Layout : Jennifer Yuan,Animation Supervisor : James Baxter,Production Manager : Craig Sost,Animation : Larry White,Production Design : Chris Sanders

Stars: Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Young Simba (voice),Matthew Broderick as Adult Simba (voice),James Earl Jones as King Mufasa (voice),Jeremy Irons as Scar (voice),Moira Kelly as Adult Nala (voice),Niketa Calame as Young Nala (voice),Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa (voice),Nathan Lane as Timon (voice),Robert Guillaume as Rafiki (voice),Rowan Atkinson as Zazu the Hornbill (voice),Madge Sinclair as Sarabi, Simba's Mother (voice),Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi the Hyena (voice),Cheech Marin as Banzai the Hyena (voice),Jim Cummings as ED the Hyena (voice),Zoe Leader as Sarafina, Nala's Mother (voice),Jason Weaver as Young Simba (singing voice)


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