List of Doctor Who episodes ~ Season 8

Episode 1

Deep Breath

Episode 2

Into the Dalek

Episode 3

Robot of Sherwood

Episode 4


Episode 5

Time Heist

Episode 6

The Caretaker

Episode 7

Kill the Moon

Episode 8

Mummy on the Orient Express

Episode 9


Episode 10

In the Forest of the Night

Episode 11

Dark Water

Episode 12

Death in Heaven

Doctor Who ~ Series 8

Air date: 23 August 2014

Overview: The season ushers in an exciting new era for the show as Peter Capaldi steps into the role of the Doctor. Fans first got a glimpse of Capaldi's Doctor in November's 50th Anniversary Special, and again in the final minutes of last year's Christmas Special, but the upcoming season premiere marks the first full episode for the Twelfth Doctor. Capaldi will be joined by Jenna Coleman, who returns as companion Clara Oswald, and Samuel Anderson who joins the cast as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School where Clara also works.

Doctor Who Season:

Genre: Action & Adventure Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Companies: BBC Wales Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Stars: Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor


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